white fire breathing buddha

I’m sure the Buddha was an alien. And he came here and he basically said, “hey guys, this place sucks.” He thought, “what can I do to help these programmed sheep of a race?” Then he gave us the four noble truths. Before that he was so bored and let down- he just said to himself “this place sucks, I’m going to sit down under this bodhi tree and wait to die.” And it’s all just a story how he then
“got enlightened” because compared to us, aliens of his kind are already enlightened.

They’ve been coming here trying to help us for thousands of years. It’s like visiting the dog pound- what can you do but be kind to the caged creatures for a few minutes before you just can’t take all the barking and whining and you leave- feeling bad you couldn’t make much of a difference- except maybe you adopted a dog- and maybe that helps a little bit- because even the Buddha couldn’t save us from ourselves.

We need to wake up. If Jesus and Buddha and Krishna and everyone else can’t save us no matter what they sacrifice or what they say-
how much hope do you think we have going on as we are?

Comfort zones and complacency are dangerous pits. Needing more time, more money, more of a guarantee, more results, more friends, more acceptance, more pleasure, more virtue, more safety, more of anything you aren’t already – it’s a mind trap.

Get under the tree and wake up. They’re already here and it’s happening. They’re already warring in the skies above us. They’re watching us and we’re not moving fast enough.

So let’s get on with it and make some peace. Let’s get down with it and make some love. Let’s get high and sacrifice everything to the ground beneath her feet.

She came and fed the Buddha- he was homeless and starving and determined and she came.

She always comes when it counts, and no sooner…and she’s counting on you to do the right thing….no matter how she shape shifts…

She’s red. Her face is red. Her hands are red. Her feet are red. Her tongue is red. She walks barefoot upon the red earth spreading her red flowers. The sun rises red and the sun sets red.
She’s a red hibiscus in my hair.

She is the red flower the Buddha held.

She’s red and she dances. Her eyes are green emeralds. She carries a noose. She carries a bow and an arrow. She wears a necklace of 50 severed heads. She’s shooting arrows your way and the tips are red flowers.

There’s nowhere to go but to her. Red flowers cover the earth and fill the air with longing. Red Hot Sun. Full Blood Moon.

And Her love is bewitching, enchanting and lethal. And Her eyes are hooks that bore into your soul. She’s your vision. She’s your breath. She’s a lover of love. She was the first to catch his eye -and so he set her free to roam and dance upon this earth- pulling us towards her wayward advances.

Light Bearing Madness and deep in the hole. Red wedding night -stirring the flame- until the hidden ones cry out her secret name -She’s not someone you’re going to forget about anytime soon.

And she came here to shoot her arrow into you. And she stays to see how you’re doing. She sprinkles red flowers in your bed every night. She lays red roses upon your grave every time you die. She throws red roses into the pyre every time you burn. She is the winding red smoke that nobody can hold. Still she’s there for you always. She is the beauty of beauty -unbridled and godless.

She’s a wind spiral and as light as a leaf in the breeze. Her kiss is gold and her breath is the perfume of night blooming jasmine. Her kiss is sweet and all knowing. Her kiss is the end of forever…

and you know she can fill you so you chase her. Forever after her you go, off of the cliff, over the edge, under the water, straight through the fire.

You chase her because she is your tail. You are nothing without her.

You long for her noose around your soft neck, and gasping for your final breath- she’ll be there- because she always is- smiling through waves of radiant sunlight.

“Come back to me. Come back to me.”

And she spends her nights while he lays beneath her writhing and squirming -but alas, it’s no use.
She’s on top of the demon and she caught him and he’s spellbound by her intoxicating aura of passion and kindness. Only love can kill demons you know.

All demons die peacefully in her arms of red grace.

We really didn’t see it coming and we usually never do -but the red one is urgent- and the red one is here- and the red one will fulfill your final prayer.

So get on your knees and be near her mercy. She likes you to beg. “Beg me for more” She is the voice of desire and the body you hold. She wants you only as much as you want Her. It’s the siege of kama taking over your meaning…
of all that meant something, anything at all- before she came and shot Her arrow straight through your wayward and drifting heart.

It stings until you die. Of course it’s bloody. She’s Red and She’s Dangerous -in this love war we fight. You’ll never escape her gaze. You’ll never avert your eyes. She flung a match into you and you’re a smoldering mess.

She is The Red Weapon of God and you are The White Fire Breathing Buddha.

“Come and get me. Here I am.”
body on fire. body of desire. burning smoking hot body…she makes everything rise.

ashes and embers…smoke and nothing else -but the red horizon still calling your name…

without her- it’s so hopeless and boring-because she gives us passion- and desire is the thread that will weave us back together- so we can get on with this story…

back to the Buddha and why he’s so restless…

so we can find out what happens next.

my endless love,
Sharada Devi

11 thoughts on “white fire breathing buddha”

  1. When white fire buddha was up against the bodhi tree, the red snake curled up behind him. The tree spirit spoke to him and told him to watch his breath, because he was the white fire buddha. Then in the very first light of dawn, he looked up at the bright star spilling star beam dust. His being was connected to Venus, she who hold the flowery bow and shoots the flower arrow into the heart of suchness. AH…. he said and the sky opened and all the alien beings came down to bless this one. She is bringing the greatest gift of her passion, the kiss of the yogini. She tells us to make the circle, when we open the tent flap and enter the temple we see grandfather fire. Holy,holy,holy the great mother Queen of life.
    When we find our spot and sit down, we raise the wind horse shakti in the snake spine and we pray to return to plants, the green man, the deep root that goes into the center of the earth. The red rivers of blood tell our story. To be human is to hear her voice. Kurukulla dancing dakini madness upon this cocoon mind. What is flesh and blood for? The arrow of fate has left the bow.good luck
    this old man, Bhagavan Das

  2. i keep envisioning clear crystal arrows flying towards my heart
    but missing the mark
    the crystalline diamond bits shattering in mid air
    and not received.
    i want to be pierced through and through with the fragrant scented
    red flower arrow tips…
    there are no blossoms in my bed
    i wish to be emersed in red
    while all is silent and still
    all is well
    then the ways of the world resume
    how to cope
    therein lies the rub
    i try to breathe white fire
    But i guess Buddha
    i ain’t

    1. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
      You envision everything all wrong-
      it defeats you. Get out of your head Radhe.
      back to the basics-
      be in the love that doesn’t think.
      You know that. Keep the faith in yourself!

      1. Yes
        i have been sitting with this feeling today.
        The house is quiet and have been doing some breath work
        and positive visualization.
        Have come to terms with what is really happening and how it was
        triggered in the first place.
        i have to let it go.
        Get under the tree and let go of the attachment to the self-imposed suffering.
        i need to get back to the heart space that i was immersed in 11 days ago.
        And also realized that i need to be healed and strong so that Paul can be too.

  3. Endless lies from my wife. She tried buttering me up to let me know she has been still using. Buttered me up to fricasee my soul… Lies. So far from truth it hurts terribly. The tourture and darkness is clouding my true self. I’m scared to leave even though I know God will provide. I’m being a coward. I don’t want to lose my daughter. The kid always goes with the mom. She will clean up for any court hearings or whatever.. There’s no more calm talks about this, just over defensive remarks that have very little truth. The deceit is unreal. No awareness. I’m wounded spiritually – my soul is dim from failure. I need to cultivate the light of myself some how. If I leave I wouldn’t be able to bring my daughter, no car, no license.. What the fuck?! How did I get myself here. Where’s my Jesus now where’s my Buddha now where’s my Krishna now?

    No where and no one to talk to about this so I don’t sabatoge my child’s life. I guess I already have; getting involved with such a terrible drug addict. I can be complacent, I can be patient, I can stand strong and not use. I’m disgusted by addictions and have little sympathy for them right now. The potential greatness of our life could’ve be infinite. Why do people constantly choose the low road?! All the gifts of wisdom handed down through the ages and great knowings transmitted through my failures and accomplishments and she chooses this. My heart is shredded into confetti for her powdered nose fake highness. I’m worth so much more than this and my daughter even more than me.

    What would Jesus do? I use to tell myself he would stay and help but now I know he would throw the table over in disgust of the atrocities going on in his fathers house.. So septembers here; the cern is warming up. The dark energy is getting stronger. I don’t want to leave my daughter.. The mother won’t let me leave without a fight. I’m so fucked right now.. With school started for all of us and now this never ending pustule disease of opiate addiction infecting all the corners of our life we’ve built together over the past 8 years.. My heart hurts for my daughter. I’m being strong and patient – I need to make a progressive move for myself and more importantly the little one. I just don’t know what yet..

    Thank you for your honesty and compassionate warnings in the past. It’s what’s kept my eyes open and helped my strength persevere.. The blog brings light into the dark places of my life. Baba and sharada and Shane and red crow and radhe.. Thank you, all of you; for the glimpses of hope your constantly firing out through the power of word. I will never forget any of you or this sacred cyber place during these extremely trying times. Gods blessed all of you.

    Om Gam ganapata namaoh
    Om Om Om

    Lies for gain
    Gain for death
    Death for life
    Life for living
    Alive in the moment
    Just for a moment
    This monumental moment
    Time and space
    Wait.. and it will
    See through
    The unbeliever
    Embellished in blackness
    Silver tears
    For our grey
    Grey world
    Omnipotence –
    She can see..

    When I could not.


    1. Dear Paul,
      Do not despair. Sometimes the high road is the hard road- that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it!

      They will not give the child to a drug addict mother- you need to talk to a lawyer
      immediately and get some advice- there are free lawyers – just research this-
      Young children are extremely porous to undercurrents- you do NOT want your daughter to end up on drugs because her mother was.
      You need to talk to someone TODAY (ok maybe tomorrow- today is Sunday)
      You cannot ignore this- it’s your obligation as a sober father- and your daughter is So Blessed to have you. So get legal advice-
      and the help will be there- ok? God works through lawyers too (believe it or not!)

      1. Thank you. Thank you. I will research today. Thank you. My friend Nate is in a coma if anyone has a minute to say a prayer or mantra or just a caring mental thought for Nate, please do. I just got this news a few minutes ago. Thank you.


        1. Nate is in a coma his Brain scan says he’s not going to make it. Thank you everyone who said a prayer for Nate. He’s dropped his strong body that’s still holding on. We visited him today.. Gretchen is extremely upset. I hope this will change things for us. Nate the martyr – my guard is still up, and I have been speaking with lawyers. Thank you everyone caring for my pathetic little life – so insignificant, but those around me keep me going.. Like my daughter. And niece.. And my friends who help me when they know I need it.. And what I need.. Thank you. It’s a sad day. Nate overdosed on heroin and great holy mother and father are guiding him into his new place in this time. He’s probably still watching down on all of us and his beautiful daughter who is only 20 years old.. Soo heart breaking. Endless endless love.

  4. Returning Home- Tu Weiming
    (Nate, )
    Your vital energy is returning to the source
    like the flowing stream returning to ocean
    heaven is our father, earth is our mother
    all people are our brothers and sisters
    and all things are our companions

    In this gentle peaceful journey
    you are forming one body
    with heaven, earth, and all things
    trust yourself into the nourishing care
    of the cosmos
    listen to the voice of love in silence
    you have heard the way
    return home in peace
    return home in peace

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