Tunnels and time travel

My head became the shape of an eight.

Then there was lightening inside my head.
The tunnel is behind me.
I am an opening in a tunnel
that goes back indefinitely.
The tunnel goes forward as well once we get back inside. At death I mean.
To stop tunnel travel, end the useless opening.
As yourself. (Who is) always looking around for opportunity as a gopher does from its hole. End your self is the way.
Close the tunnel now. I am only a kink in the tunnel. Sidetracked by time. Death is the continuation to another point in time. Where you pop from the tunnel once again.
All is made up of tunnels. What we must master is tunnel travel. In order to stop it I mean. Block the holes, there are many.
My mouth is a vortex. These commandments come from far away. From another opening.
Tunnel inside tunnel inside tunnel.
I then ask myself, within what do these tunnels exist if their creation depends upon time space and this imaginary me?
The tunnels exist within me and I within them. That is the shape of eight. I see you looked closely at your reflection. I see I saw once again words. The mirror reflects and deflects, mirages and cadence———-
Be brave onlooker and shave away the skin.
——————————-more thoughts
Dreams are not hallucinations, they are messages from the deep well within. They are the subconscious mind exercising it’s will to heal you. Do not look the other way and blame someone else. Be a true dreamer and open wide to dark mind’s ideas and answers.
Words and thoughts are solid things. You cannot hide your thoughts though you keep them silent. Do not be ashamed of your thoughts. See yourself for what you are, a great mystery waiting to be revealed. To you, by you.
Where there is a will there is a way. Get your will aligned with your spiritual potential and make magic in your life once again.
Do not resist the way things are. Do not be trapped in fear’s attempt to secure your assets. You alone are the creator of these tunnels. It’s therefore best to create space in all its various ways- to get clear and stop wasting your energy burrowing like a rat. There is no way out until we stop acting like rodents.
What you want and what you have is no distance at all. Remember that and stop making excuses. There is no such thing as defeat. Perception is everything——————
The mind is currently insane and you can see why. I hope you are able to view my words from above as if you were an eagle looking down upon the place you live. It looks different from above. The mind is currently in a soft panic and you may be in denial of this. I hope you are able to feel my words from below as if you were the roots of the tree itself trying to hold up the leaning trunk. It feels different from down below.
So these tunnels we have made are based on these reasons and more. It’s complicated- the past and how to resolve what is left buried there. We can’t leave anything though we die. Not in this game as long as we’re playing it. Worshipping time as we do, all in the ways we were taught- which are the mistakes of our people. Time will give us nothing back but more sorrow. We must be more graceful than that. We must align with a different team of players. Players who understand the game. Who is in control of your mind-  because it’s not you. That’s our first breakthrough.
Make space and stop digging holes to crawl through. This is not a metaphor.
Sharada Devi

15 thoughts on “Tunnels and time travel”

  1. A holy person. That’s what I thought, which surprised me, though happily. I have thought about it a few times since holding up the tin mirror. I came to the thought that it’s ok and maybe even right to see myself that way- that it’s not different than how I see others.
    It’s how you see yourself. That’s obviously what it’s about. 
    The fear that I feel, that I will be suppressed, was also enlightening to me. I suppress myself out of fear that I’ll be suppressed. For the wild thought that I am a holy person, for instance, or anything beyond the edge of normality.
    I’m not unusual this way. Though sensitive in some ways, I desensitize in other obvious ways. In order to make the past present and future blend. Blending the edge. Funny how a blurry mirror can bring that into focus.

    If you don’t want to be a worm, rise to the surface. You know where it’s gleaming, like God’s face as your own. So how are you going to dig, and more importantly, do you want to see?

    When I left my life in Georgia and came to Oregon to be near Sharada Devi, I left an old worn out world and came to a new one. Fear followed me and things do catch up. So the time is now to turn toward the light. If you need a place to dig and stay, come here. I think that could help because of how it’s transformed me, how I see things- including myself. This holy person I saw myself to be in the silver mirror Sharada Devi made me stare into yesterday- (in order to enter the deeper parts of my mind.) She said, “Do you want to play a game?” And of course I did. There is much to uncover and reveal. There needs to be a flame and a focus. A mirror and bright eyes basically. But obviously, most of all, there has to be a will for there to be a way.

    1. GREAT WRITING. What a great writer you have become…and inspirational and compassionate to take the time to relate and share your inner most truths. That takes courage which as I’ve said before the word courage means

      “Time of the heart.” The heart is brave as you were to leave everything (because it’s not like you didn’t have a good job etc – because you did) and put your heart and spirit first. People don’t understand that when you do that (because I’ve done it too in my life many times as you have) the universe MUST support you and brighten your warrior heart. To fight for love is all you seem to do. And you know it’s hard and challenging. But you also know how big your muscles are now…literally! 💪❤️

      Leap after leap of faith=
      Strong and agile astral Star

  2. You go within.

    You see? Your self disappears…

    Why? How? Because you do. You are the self disappearing into itself. Ah yes. You exist all the damn time doncha, now. SURE….where? In the room the mind built; with escape tunnels provided so you wouldn’t get claustrophobic.

    They’re everywhere too in the external. Escape!!! Listen to the wise people who tell you to escape out of and into in completely contrary directions at the same time. Whereupon your commonsense says, like some curmudgeon: stop it please. I’m old. I don’t need this. I just wanna be average. It’s super SUPER fun.

    The will leading to a way that is SUPPOSED to be leading to a self consuming itself into disappearance. The ouroboros.

    Did I get that wrong?

    Yep. Apparently I did. My inner pessimist predicts a D minus on the test. Academe rules!!

    Ahem. This strange ego that both wants to live and take over everything like some opportunistic fiend that somehow can’t, because selfishness, so desired, is another name for “I don’t give a ferk.” What would Jesus say about opportunism, as he rode in on a donkey and not a white horse. That he was trying to prove a point? What’s the point? That your insurance policy extends eternally after death because of him? (Stop putting him down!!!!! Please!!!)

    Conflicting wants that are nothing but the trap of desire desperate to give you a plan of action. Do we love to drive with our foot on the accelerator and the brake at the same time or what? I would say it’s confusion trained to do what it is best at: being the confusion and guilt that thinks it is NOT the necessary thing to look at with a DISPASSIONATE (read: disassociative mind). You get the big distance from yourself that’s yet as close as close could be when it comes to seeing reality as being ALL RIGHT given the right chemical reactions from within that cause blah and drrary to suddenly have soft psychedelic colors..
    It’s just a mind thing.

    DON’T WORRY…make your mother
    happy. Besides. It’s not her. It’s your image of her.

    1. “DON’T WORRY…make your mother
      happy. Besides. It’s not her. It’s your image of her.”

      Creepy and true. Is there anything out there but our version of our mother?

      Warped and wrapped again and again…

      1. Our mother karma is our only karma since it seems she’s the programmer.

        Can’t blame her.

        Everyone we interact with must be her. She is the first and only eyes we know.

        She will be the last one we see and touch forever.

        So when I say we need to get out of the tunnel, I mean it!

  3. I’m suddenly reminded of a joke which has very little to do with tunnels and time. Forgive me? (Remember that we are all Canadians):

    Q: How do you get a group of Canadians out of the pool?

    A: Say to them, “Get out of the pool.”

  4. Wild and truth
    Bamboo tube/time travel/to holy yes
    Truth and wild
    Shift shape to snake, who is medicine that eats shadowy rodents
    and seeks light inside the infinite bamboo tube of Holy Wild Yes.

    No exit
    must go of all the way to
    a surrender of all that doesn’t serve.

    all the lies
    the worn-out myriad
    stories never once our own
    but ghosts of forgotten dreams
    of strangers and hollowed out ancestors.

    and then we rise out of the clatter
    and chatter noise and endless distractions
    out of the dust fury storm from
    the ride we thought was our density.

    The lies bought and sold
    The lies that hid the delicate and profane.
    The yang burnt to ashes
    still rules from ghost machines of
    the land of lies.

    The dust settles and
    time travel brilliant
    pure and honest
    we ain’t going nowhere
    but to the Holy Book, the sacred nature
    of wild time travel back to snake.
    Shed skin
    and touched by the old.

    Thank you, Shinning Star, Sharada Devi.
    You who loves free and wild and true.


    1. ME who loves YOU!

      “You who loves free and wild and true.”
      Such a beautiful thing to say❤️

      Shifting perspective…touching the heart that launches the rocket!


      1. 🌈💜✨💜🌈 love love to you rainbow bodied truth star, the Zenith that bring us home 💕

  5. Thank you Sharada. I appreciate your inspriring our getting into the loops/the holes. Dig baby dig. I am in this Maya, so dig. I will not burrow, but root. God, the hard loops. It’s hard to even be seen fully even though I am visible so often; and not for what I am, but more-so for what I am not. All the mirrors distorted trying to test the gates. Trying. Trial & error. And fires: set by mad men with intentions to destroy our lungs and hearts. I vow to Light I will build another kind of fire: One to reflect the real Truth within. The origin of my Truth; waking up cannot be undone; it’s not a full awakening just one with insight that there’s more behind the scenes and a great knowing [of this]. Oh blue divine Light you are present and you see a soul that can’t be saved by some lines jotted down; no only by the unfolding; only by the undoing of the doing: that is where I will meet a golden sphere of complete ananda, but that’s so far off from this Maya. So, I embrace you. You chase me. I chase you. Cat and tail. Tail races. Oh clearlight, I see the passage and the pass. Oh clearlight, you give me hope and refuge. I can’t scapegoat this or run from this. I can choke on this, or I can swallow it. So, I will digest what my body decides isn’t poison. And both with my will and my way I will fight off any poison that is shared from outside the blue Light embrace.
    Oh, great cobras of six: you came to me in a dream to say stay still and you will make it out. I was so frighten by your intrusion, I didn’t realize I invited you in for your lesson. Fear: you make me tremble until I realize it’s you I want near so I can face you with all of your faces. It’s now that we face it. The later is untrue. The now is the only breath I know. Still I will be, even in all my movement: still in my embrace of all that is within dark and Light. Revolve. Doors: revolve. Om Namah Shivaya

    1. Wow, you’ve got a lot going on!
      I hope you are creating beautiful things.
      Like dream pictures and prophetic poems and a secret garden made of golden herbs and moonlight flowers🌼

  6. Thanks Sharada full moon times & cycles always connect me so deeply to the mother body and all her pulses. Yes, dream pictures are a great idea. Garden beds are teeming. Love & Light ☯️💓🕉🌱💫

  7. Time travel.
    We travel to the future, the past, but we don’t travel to now, unless we have come from either the past or the future. In which case, our present is precarious because the ceaseless and restless motion of thinking steals our effortless anchor in to presence and the present. Be here now? How COULDNT you be here now? You only THINK you aren’t WHEN you aren’t being here now.

  8. When we share about the past or future we are sharing now. If we stay stuck anywhere–past, future, or a present that is being lived out with unconscious negative attachments to past or future, we deprive ourselves!! We need to see how getting real is great, while always admitting we are open to learning. Why? Because it creates maturity, and maturity feels good to our self-esteem.

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