Self Mastery

Perfection of the simple things creates space in our lives and transforms us into living masters of the dharma. Creating space by simplifying and then concentrating our focus like a kind laser beam on every activity throughout the day of our ordinary lives cultivates peace and welcomes purity. Perfection is created by repetition and nothing else. Imagine how you might be perfecting a bad habit and stop today. Instead perfect the simple things you do by seeing them as the path to liberation and enlightenment -because they are. Your mind and body must become one. The mind loves to leave what it considers boring or repetitive, abandoning the body to perform these actions, only half of your heart is in it. Your whole heart must be there. Emotions are fuel, we must be wise where we let our mind travel because it effects our feelings. Choosing the right thought becomes very important. We are not puppets to our mind.

So by doing the practice described yesterday, ordinary becomes super ordinary. This is the only way to know what is deep within the unconscious, slow down. Pay more attention to the language of your body. Your body is holding all the residue of past experience. You have enough to do right now, just with that. You need nothing more. If you listen and stop trying to complicate, glamorize or escape some other way. It’s normal, we all do it. But we need to stop.
You are not different then a great zen master living atop a mountain surrounded by sky and light. This world points to another place where holy people are, but the holy people must be us. In this normal working class neighborhood, with these limitations. It is my intention to prove what is possible for us all. In each and every situation,  we can create the hermitage, we can walk as the masters walk. Through the neighborhood, through the dirty city.
It’s easier the more clutter we can strip away. Clutter to the mind, heart and body. You know what and who you don’t need. You know what you need to do. First, don’t try. Do. Second don’t say- “I should” say- “I must.” Day by day, moment by moment, come back to the breath and empty your weary mind. These things don’t matter. The Buddha said, “If you want to end your problems, stop thinking.” It’s that easy and it’s going to take some discipline. A shaolin master said, “Self discipline leads to self responsibility, self responsibility leads to self care, self care leads to self love and self love leads to compassion.” Take this to heart. Think very highly of yourself and what you might be worth. Low self esteem is what keeps us down and then we over compensate with defense mechanisms that become so mechanical we don’t even know how we are sabotaging our potential anymore. This is why perfection of the simple things creates the space in our lives to unravel these patterns and transform us into living masters of the dharma.
Washing a dish, walking across a room, feeding the dog, lying still and staring at the ceiling, picking a flower, sweeping. These are huge poetic gestures. They are not meaningless activities. You are the entire universe circulating the light of divinity. Do not let your restless mind fool you that an irreversible mistake has been made. This is your bodhisattva training. You have everything and nothing is in your way. *Back to your body, back to your body, back to your body. Your sweet humble servant. The temple of your sacred heart. Do not abandon yourself there, hidden under your flesh all the answers wait. Feel yourself and don’t imagine that a spiritual person only should feel, happy….content…etc. At the same time, don’t act out either. Observe and experience with total self acceptance . Be honest and feel the tensions without judgement or fear. Let it all pass through you. The bardo is where we are now. Let us live with that victory in mind. How capable we actually are of traveling through this passage yet once again.  (*When the body relaxes and tension decreases simultaneously the buried traumas can rise to the surface to be released. This may cause further anxiety however as these tensions are making themselves known. This is a replica of being in the bardo, facing and feeling the demons that we ourselves have created due to the disowning of ourselves for whatever reason.)
Like I said, repetition creates perfection. Every act is a practice of yoga. Nothing and nobody is separate. Nothing and nobody is more or less important than another. Then because of this you know what to do. Clarify and represent as you have always felt you were born here in samsara to do. Show this world what is possible starting with you and your life wherever you find yourself in the mess of things. This is the truth. You can be the one who is missing from your life. You can be the love that everybody searches for. You can stop the suffering that leads to another dead end. You can be free from the imaginary past, the pain that time and space has caused. Because we pushed it down to survive, because we didn’t know better, because we weren’t paying attention. But now we are and we can just sit still and let the past catch up in our bodies. We can listen to the language that has no words. We can most definitely be free.
This is a poem written by a very wise and well known astrologer named Isabelle Hickey. In the poem she is personifying Saturn, the lord of karma, as being female. The feminine approach is the way of the Tao, also the idea behind Aikido. You use the weight of the opponent to overcome the battle. There is a riddle to this way, but once you get it, it’s yours.
Saturn, Angel of Discipline

“In the deep darkness of grief and pain I found the angel of light again. She wore no lovely garment of white, But was garbed in robes as deep as night. I saw in her arms no flower fair, Instead, a crucifix nestled there. She didn’t walk with joyous tread Or offer me relief from dread, But I felt her peace and her quiet power, And knew in that night of awe filled hour,  She was the angel of eternal dawn. Lifting her hood, I saw her face And knew the glory that hid her grace. From earth blinded eyes too dim to see That only through her, could we ever go free!”

Sharada Devi

14 thoughts on “Self Mastery”

  1. I stopped
    last night,
    not venturing there
    where bad habits would take me.

    At first,
    having written
    “I can do this”
    I checked myself
    saying instead, “I will try”
    under estimating my worth.

    having said,
    “I must”

    – I will

    unravel patterns,
    pay attention,
    perfect simplicity .

    unravel patterns,
    pay attention
    perfect simplicity…

    ◆ ☯️ ◇

    Thank you


      And sometimes we get down, feeling discouraged, disheartened, disconnected.

      At those times just take a little break and don’t put the pressure on, instead take it off.

      Trust in your purity.
      Where miracles happen.

  2. I rest easy. What can be taken from me, when I own nothing in this world; not even this body. This body that already knows many lifetimes of suffering. Pain, my constant companion. My soul, confined to a little body, an infinity much too large for such a small container. If I stay still enough, I can feel everything and nothing, all at once. Eight billion souls crying in love, laughter, pain and desperation. And all the while our Mother aches in agony from the weight of Her children. I’ve already lived and died millions of lives. God must have brought me back for some reason, although maybe I volunteered for this task. And then I hear my ancient ancestors whisper in my ear, to hear the calling of my heart. Let go all of your efforts and just be.

    I rest easy.

      1. And all the paradoxes too, we need to be disciplined like you discuss here but then still let go. Passion and Dispassion. Rest and action. And I rest easy.

        Happy New Moon!
        Sub Ek! 🙏🌙✨

        1. It takes discipline to do the things you describe unless we just become tamasic and stuck- there’s a big difference and that’s not what the “masters” meant. As you know,

          If it was that easy – it would not be so hard….like I said it’s tricky.

          We need grace. We need to be totally sincere and humbled by life. With faith, we need to start where we are.

          With no guarantees, but surrendered and slowly learning self love.

          Which is the problem with the harshness of a certain striving. It’s an art, a balancing act.

          It takes practice and is not a given unless we be deceived by inertia…

          I could go on. Be brave is my final thought.

  3. Riff:

    We need grace. We need a way that is no way except being just another way. Another way that has a description, a thought that describes, prescribes. It’s another way and it’s another answer to embrace. To get Whole.

    So Away we go into Being. Into moment after moment after moment. There is no “until.” After the “until.” But there’re little goals. I read some of these earlier. Like washing a dish. That’s a beautiful one. Because it’s complete. Or one here I just realised that I have to mention: it’s looking at a lonely life, a “pour me another one” life that reminds you of why you hate your addiction to friends. Or your addiction to mind imprisonment. Free minds are not addicted. Looking at the negative part of friendship always ends as the after thought to the false hope that creates expectations with friendship. Ie., trying to make things be what they aren’t, to make friends be what friends have every right to react negatively to because you’re ensnaring them and they don’t like it. Do you like it when they do that to you? No. You don’t.

    Then there is that way that “things are…” that way seems to pass you by you again and again while you’re JUSTIFIABLY perplexed, and it says: “perplexed again? Look. I’m Reality here, and I keep trying to teach you and you won’t listen. You say to Me that you’re listening, but I know better and it makes you angry doesn’t it? You think you know and Reality tells you don’t know. Reality is where you and reality are at at the same time. And you don’t like that? Ok. I see. You think I’m TRYING to make you angry. But I’m not. YOU’RE making you angry. Not Me. I’m just Reality! I can’t help it. It’s who I am. Why don’t you follow your breath and chill. Why don’t you take a dive into the moment that never ends. You know it WILL end, because it always does; but when it does, you can just dive back in again. And don’t worry about results. They count. That’s all! They’re no big deal. They’re just results.
    Just embrace the discipline of your journey like a true disciple.❤💙💚💛

  4. Yes indeed; Saturn as female. “From earth blinded eyes too dim to see That only through her, could we ever go free!”


    Keep on the path. In the moment. The no-time of now is ever underlying all forward movements of time. Let time breathe. The manic time constraints of time and money based insanity can breathe. They need to breathe. The discipline of goals met on time is beautiful while balanced with your natural rhythms. Less beautiful and therefore stressed when not on time; but even stressed when being on time with no sense of being able to do things on your own time. Align the world that is beyond you because of the past and because of the future not being here anymore or here yet — with the world that is with you right now. It can ever be aligned with before and soon. Do it for a few seconds at first. It can’t hoit.

  5. Final thought: be brave. Be that which is natural TO you: bravery. You are that. I am that. We are that Tat tvam asi. 💚🙏

  6. I will
    Keep falling
    For the same krap
    And blame others
    For my desire to satisfy Sado-Masochistic

    You will do the same
    And blame me
    Out of our sick dance
    Which I ALSO contribute to.

    Sado-Masochistic, Narcisstic-Codependent dances, require two To tango

    To make their sickness
    Even exist.

    To make that bad pattern that MUST be
    Ended before it starts

    Why not STOP it BEFORE it STARTS?

    You know why?

    Guilt. Self-centeredness.

    Love it as it COULD be and then let it be THAT, naturally — goshdurnit.

  7. Beautiful wisdom, Sharada Devi. Focusing it like a laser beam! The perfection is in the “I’m into it-ness of it.” Whatever it is one is basically absorbed in. Be here. Aloha. (With it all).

    Mine is cello — right now.

    Mr Rogers

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