isis of the midnight sun

Take heed and listen to my wordsย for the time has come.

She said, “I am the only path to heaven. I am the only God and there is no other. All who come to me shall be saved.”

Then She took off Her clothes and sat naked upon Her Lion Throne. She had flowers in Her hair and a flame was above Her head.

“put your bible down.” She said.


My love. My beautiful, wicked love. Throw your thunder my way. Stomp on me. Put me out. Carry my head on a stick. Make me yours forever.

“And I got down on my knees when I thought of you and I bowed my head to the ground when I heard your name. And I crawled to where you are, prostrating with my face in the dirt for the blessing of seeing your divine body. I bring you flowers that will never die. I bring you my tears to quench your thirst. I bring you my body to use as your own. I bring you my hands carrying your every desire.
I bring you my heart to eat. I will wash your feet in the blood of my heart. Make me yours. Consume my every thought that would separate me from you. Peel back my skin and look at who I am without you.

I am nothing without you.

You gave me life and so I give you my life. I bow with my forsaken head at your feet. Forgive me.

Take me. Make me your slave forever. I writhe in ecstasy in servitude to you. I bury your holy feet in roses. I cover your sacred body in tears. I bleed my life into you that I might course through your hungry veins.

You are the light that forever shines upon me and I love you. You are the black diamond eater. You are the soul slayer. You are the dark moon.

My Isis Of The Midnight Sun

You are my curse and I am addicted to your wrathful dancing. I am sorry I gave you no horse to ride, my wild and forgetful lady, will you remember me tomorrow?

You are my worst nightmare and I twist blissfully in the satisfaction of your gaze. Take me to where you are. Never leave me. My bones I will break if it makes you smile. Smile at me like the rising sun upon the cold death of the nights before I knew you. I bow to you and I beg that you would touch me one more time.

Touch me. Touch my pain.

I have no other God but you. I have no other eyes but you. Your soft lips are my savior and your sweet breath is my food. Suck out my soul and eat me alive. I was born to be yours and there will never be another. Flowers and tears and I’m heartless without you.

Summer angel of the rising morning take me under your soft and fragrant wings. Take me into your sunlit eyes. Take me into your open mouth. Take me into your radiant heat. Take me into your life and your mercy forever.

I bow and I forget who I am. I bow and I forget everything -and I smell the roses- and I taste the tears -and I don’t know who I am without you.

Touch me again and again. Touch me everywhere that hurts. Put your hands upon me. Put your hands through me. Put your hands inside of me and carry me home.

I love you and I’m speechless. I love you and I’m nameless.ย I love you and I’m useless if you don’t love me back. Take me. Forgive me. Make me a man.”


So this is what I’ve been trying to say. There is no one else. There is no other God but the life that’s in your face screaming. Or the life that just ignores you. Or the life that simply wrote you off.
The answer isn’t hard to find if you’re not an idiot.

Get down on your knees and pray. Forget about Jesus. Forget about yourself.

“SHE is the way, the truth and the life.ย No one gets to God except through Her.”

Jesus knows I’m right and you will too when you listen to me and do what I say.

I am revealing to you the secret teachings of tantra in such an easy way, you will be sure to miss it. I’ve been doing it all along. Little bread crumbs dropping in a trail- leading you straight to me -so I could slaughter you -and you could start again -and maybe get it right this time.

Everyone is wrong because they’re not listening to how angry Her silence can be. Everyone is wrong if they think she is a servant to the highest.

She IS the highest.

And in that most perfect moment that you stop being a dumb fuck (like literally) YOU will also be the highest- but at the moment, since you are still so unsure of yourself -you try to keep her down- so you’re coming in pretty low…

And She’ll keep withholding your life from you. You won’t know the way or the truth. You’ll only know an empty bed with a cold pillow next to yours. Since let’s face it, you’re in this- and you’re not a monk-(don’t even try) and it’s just not happening- why can’t you admit you’ve got some serious intimacy issues -and hiding behind your fantasy of some God out there- won’t solve anything -and you’re certainly not getting enlightened.

You need her stamp of approval upon you in more ways than one.

YOU are the one NOT going to God you fool.


The Goddess adorned in feathers and moonlight can take you high -deep into the night where no other man has been (unless he too is still as stupid as you)

So I’m telling you how to have it all. It’s the holy scripture of Her disappearing feet. I am walking backwards right into you for a reason. I’m telling you because you’re the one who has to be the One. She always knows if you’re listening and She has mysterious ways of speaking the twilight language of the gods and seers.

I’m not kidding. I’ve got a crystal ball and I see you in it and you should do what I say because,
She is the only path to heaven.

She said, “I am the One and besides me, there are no other gods. I have given you life and yet you do not know me.”

Time to set the record straight on who really died for you and get down on your knees and
pray for Her Kiss. Time to beg Her to show you
the man you could really be- because it’s actually up to Her and not you. You don’t understand Her dance at all. The dance in the dark that you keep avoiding because you’re a little boy -and it’s a mounting task.

It’s a mounting task. That’s the big secret I just pulled out of your pants.

Get it straight -and also have some respect and devotion.

Get it straight and enter the pearly gates of the golden goddess.

Otherwise, there is no god.
Sharada Devi

16 thoughts on “isis of the midnight sun”

  1. She is the plug in, she is the coffee grinder. She is the dirt we keep, the dirt we eat and the dirt we wash away.

    He always thinks She is underneath him except for when he really prays to her for redemption and then he sees she has always taken the high seat. Now what are you going to do with nowhere to hide from her light?

    The darkness holds the power and the only good is deep down there under the house where they buried grandma. She came to me in a dream and grabbed my hand and said “don’t forget about me”

    She wears a black miniskirt and cowboy boots and she dances the world into form. We lost her in the mind mess, a real demon inside our head that keeps telling us about good and bad.

    What if we hear the echo of her voice in the wind and we return to the Dot? Ah, she is always here in front of us. Let us be free in this gap because we can only be free in her inbeteeen.

    We know her as fear and she keeps us always guessing, we get another chance to dive deep into the kitchen sink. She spins the web and we are stuck in the mess of our lives, so we look into the void as snakes float on our eyes.

    She comes and she goes and is always Isis cutting off the heads of angry men. She then wears them as a bloody necklace.

    If I were you, I’d keep asking her what to do, how to love her.

    She makes the blade sharp and looks into your eyes with her gentle heart as she takes you down.

    Ah Ah Ah love for sale, the cost is your life. bhagavan das

  2. ‘Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul,
    And sings the tune–without the words,
    And never stops at all,

    And sweetest in the gale is heard;
    And sore must be the storm
    That could abash the little bird
    That kept so many warm.

    I’ve heard it in the chillest land,
    And on the strangest sea;
    Yet, never, in extremity,
    It asked a crumb of me’.

    -Emily Dickinson-

    Now this poem came to me because of a word i heard the other day

    Unfledged – without wings

    And i hear very loudly how this blog post is aimed towards the men and their resistance to take that step towards
    the perfection of creating their own exquisite heaven with the goddess that already stands before him.
    Full-fledged and ready to soar.
    But he, the flightless bird would rather keep Her captive in the gilded cage that he provides for her.

    Sharada Devi’s words are powerful. And i amy not altering any of the impact they hold.
    ( and i know that she / you prefer the letting go of quotes )

    i too am awaiting the day of another’s understanding the potency that is wasted in misguided and blind spent
    time of co-existing without the lightening strike of real electric cosmic connection.

    God is Love

    1. Actually its NOT aimed at men even though it may seem and women are usually the lesser-
      EVERYTHING I said applies to women too.
      It’s how you see it- and if you stay that’s
      up to you. He’s God or He’s not – and let’s
      face it, we need something to work with too-
      Called passion. Passion is the answer not
      the problem as far as I’m concerned-
      No matter how much trouble it causes.

      Hearts are bright and light and burning.
      Or they’re just not feeling it….

      Do you know what I mean?
      It’s called chemistry and magnetism and it’s
      there or it isn’t- it’s in the stars.

      1. And that’s what is so hard to reconcile.
        What happened to that passion that once existed ?
        Now it has taken shape in a different form that is friction but not of the smoldering passion that it used to be.
        But has become without desire, no fire.
        The friction is more of defense mode

        There was once much chemistry and magnetism
        there is still a hint but no blaze
        it seems like so many obstacles over the years have replaced passion with anger and unresolved emotions.

        i used to be the queen of hearts
        maybe i should initiate the heat and
        with cat like demeanor pounce and purr

        all this reading and writing lately is certainly
        bringing out an awareness of the silent throb
        and the lack of it.

        1. What happened is projection. We unconsciously project others like parents or ex-husband/wives so heavily onto the other person that we cannot see them the same way anymore. Plus hurtful things said and done repeatedly can cause impenatrable walls to
          build over the years and we close our hearts and we become numb and all we feel comfortable with expressing is irritability,
          angry and frustration. The tears are hidden behind the mask. So it takes a lot to tear down the walls and it takes two to want to do it. Otherwise, it’s hopeless after many years. So…and what’s most important is saying how you feel -GRAPHICALLY- don’t expect any reading between the lines.
          So it’s an endeavor. Is it worth it to you
          and are you brave and are you interested?
          After all has been said and done, will the wounded survive the heartbreak?

          1. yes, yes, and yes.
            what you are saying is entirely true.

            And when i do express emphatically, THIS is what i want and THAT is what i need.
            ( well so far not sexually )
            it is met with yes, i want that too. And no do not leave… etc.
            and then slips into not listening and i become frustrated
            and so the dance continues…but no passion is pursued.
            Just a continued comfortable stupor of monotony.

            and time will tell if i am brave enough or will remain interested.
            i think i have put MY heartbreak behind me. It is a waste of time to dwell in that place.
            But it comes up in times of provocation.
            And is the first line of defense on his part.
            i am more focused on creating my own well lighted space.
            and not be affected by his clinging to unforgiven animosities.

            i want to be alive now.
            In Truth
            in Love
            In Light

          2. Well your well lighted space would include him because you’re psychically intertwined and are not even slightly separate.
            What I like to do, is just open my mouth and start verbalizing the most graphic darkness and forbidden sexual topics that I can- I don’t even think about it- I just start saying it as graphically and as uncomfortably raw as I can- to get the poison out of the air and of course shake things up. Someone has to do it.
            People WILL NOT talk about sex and especially problems in that department and it’s exactly why I love to because it’s
            real and it’s the reason why you’re fighting-because you’re not LOVING.

            And it’s just festering – and the isolation has to end.

            GET GRAPHIC. Shock him. Make his face red.
            Don’t look away- and say what you need to say..for an opener, this is easy-
            “When was the last time we had sex? Because I think there’s a problem and I don’t feel good about it.”
            That’s easy. AND JUST GO from there….gradually graphic …wade into the forbidden waters and make him BE A MAN.

            He needs your help and if he doesn’t start putting out, I say it’s time to re-think this relationship – because it’s YOU WITH YOU and there may have been a time you would settle for the numb gray marriage-
            But I don’t think it’s you anymore!
            And this is BIG- and so do what I said.

            AND REMEMBER HOW SEXY YOU ARE. Because you
            didn’t forget. We both know that!

          3. When I say “open my mouth” I mean don’t rehearse or plan- just blurt it out-

            Then- write him a letter and he better
            get the hint!

            Dear Husband,
            Put out or get out.

            (That’s all my letter would say:)
            Seriously get it in writing- the things you are too shy to say. Please do this.
            I’m right. Either talk it or write it and
            ITS NOT A TIME TO BE MENTAL- simple heart truth
            Say the forbidden out loud. It’s your calling.

  3. Thank you sister. I’ve been blind for soo long..

    Thank you
    I never realized before, until you said it. It’s the only reason I am who I am right now – because she is here with me and allowing me to be myself.. Teaching and caring; the queen of light.

    There is only love and SHE is the source.
    The one who’s in my heart since forever.
    I’ve been searching everywhere to find God right in bed next to me..

    This tantric teaching has brought so much to me in the past 24.
    She still hates me but I’ve never learned so much so fast about where I am falling short.

    Om namoh shivaya

    My music theory teacher died of cancer today Stephen Grover Berkeley college drop out jazz drummer/composer virtuoso. This was one of his favorite songs and its served appropriate for these lessons:

    The tears won’t stop
    Thank you

    1. Paul,
      The very best thing about you is your
      good attitude!
      Just keep persevering…hates not far from
      love at all…

  4. i am sorry for being so much of a blog hog here today
    but as i am in my room space alone and quiet
    and i like it
    i guess that admits a lot
    and as i do not encourage or wish my children to enter into any permanent legal
    situations in their relationships…
    i see that it says a lot about me and my timid ways while still wanting to breathe free.

    ” put down your bible”

    i may have done that a long time ago
    but old ruts run through the mind stream
    and my mother and her ” i will never get a divorce” while sitting
    at the top of the stairs as my Father stormed out of the house
    must still linger in my brain pan of memories
    and cause me to stay stay stay in whatever is comfortable and safe.

    raised steeped in methodist principles
    while Dad was choir director of a sister church and maintaining
    an ongoing relationship with a fellow member….

    such is the undoing of faith and trust

    i want glory, splendor and wonder
    and to fly high and away on the wings of unspeakable unknown glory
    and time is ticking away
    and i am not the girl i used to be
    and so i ponder deep into the night
    as to what is real
    and what is right

    and i guess that makes me a coward

    telling others to fly when i will not take the leap

    1. One more thing- the right thing to do is
      NOT become your mother- at any cost-
      don’t fall into that ancient pool of old blood- it’s hell no matter how you decorate it.

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