The Dick is God Himself

My dog is what I call a “sky humper”
He’ll hump the air in your direction but he just can’t commit to contact. Sound familiar? He lives in a little hole that I made for him (what else could I do?) and he’s worried deeply about losing territory so he fixates on his penis- aka “the hot rod” yes, that’s him! (I call him that to make him feel good about himself)
He’s basically very insecure and so he barks a lot but can’t really follow through..all talk and no action. (sound familiar?)

How to play the game:

*Know when to make your move and don’t
act limp (even if you are)

*It’s a state of mind and nothing more.

*Life is only Sex and nothing else.

*Sex IS death and you can’t change that.

*It’s hidden and taboo –
the forbidden place of the last goodbye.
(So look there first expecting a victory)

*It’s God when you know it and it’s Satan when you fear it.

I had to teach myself. I’m now adept at making deals. You get it?

Based on the philosophy of The Mating Dance of Mommy and Daddy -they who look so real and so actually attainable. The unattainable and untouchable body parts of sin and death that mercilessly spit us into this pit of morals that make the good seem weak and the strong seem daunting. Do you want to do it one more time? Are you ready to crawl back inside? Can you do it all alone without Her Hand to guide you?

Obviously it’s about sex and our parents. Nothing else- but the life they made wicked by accident-ME. (I’m sure if they knew who they were getting they would have thought twice)

And then we show up and in no time we’ve become a jealous God. Does She love Him more than She loves me? Me, Mommy. Mommy, Me.
How will we put these two back together now that he believes he’s been off the nipple for so long? She left him with the babysitter so that She could be with other men. What did they have that was so special? Mommy seemed to want it pretty bad..

Her father was like a storm still living in Her eyes and She never really knew him. She only saw the dark skies coming whenever He looked Her way.
Then He died and She never felt the rain- only the promise of more lost tears….

Do you know why we’ve come together?
You think you may,
you think you might,
have the love we seek tonight?

Nice try Sky Humper!

Sky humpers and opportunists- but nobody is ready to get dirty or get high. It’s just more money, more power, more beautiful pictures of me. You may think I have a fixation on the God Act -but I don’t. It’s much bigger than two messengers pulling at the laws and writing up contracts in dark rooms with mirrored ceilings. It’s real this time. Cryptic or poetic or sweet and soft, someone still needs to move to make this happen.

Did you burn the house down yet? What’s the point of sparks with no fire to keep us glowing?
There’s nothing left that we need to do but get ready for The Rapture. And He’s coming, I can feel it. Counting down and loosening the noose around His neck-

I’m surrounded by perverts, male chauvinists, and women’s rights activists (a safe place for angry and burly women who wish they were men and so turn dike and get married to each other…just saying..political correct isn’t my thing at all)

To quote one of my new teachers:
(self appointed)

“churning balls and angry penis veins”

There must be a deeper meaning there, if we just read between the lines and stop being “frigid”
When churning balls and angry penis veins come your way don’t be “frigid. Otherwise, he laments
you have not “embraced the good and bad of reality”

Then The Virgin Mother emailed me:
Who the hell is that John Kosswix? And he’s just one in front of millions like him! It’s a nuclear winter filled with sexual perversion all disguised as spiritualism — like that Krishna Das thing last summer where She protected me from that enemy and was stuck in that crazy traffic jam for hours and hours and then had only been there for like three minutes and I ran out of that room filled with shadow into you.

That slimy sleazy energy — makes me sick in the pit and I want to throw up.

Oh my oh my I hate all it all. How can we protect the Holy Mother Light and not allow this to take over? ”

(We need to burn this house down I say to Her in another email. She’s fierce when you put the books back in the wrong place)

Oh you and I are burning down the house all right! These men are out of control … they have nothing to anchor to but sex and being crude … all the men before them have sucked and that’s where they came from … weak seeds equal weak men, who posture themselves as if they are something … they live in shame and the lie, right?

(GOD. Really GOD. I LOVE HER!)

She goes on:
Today, every action was in mood of rage – today cleaned that one client’s house – she pays really well and is always generous and nice to me – most of my clothing these days come from her hand-me downs – not my taste but grateful – can’t remember the last time went into a store and bought something new … but this is what it is and it could be a hell of lot worse and it’s going to get a million times better (just have to wait out the prison sentence) – I rage all through the nine hours of cleaning today – The screaming vacuum was my voice, our voice and I raged for all the women cleaning up others shit and I raged for all the oppressive women who play small in order to be loved, and all the girls trafficked for sex and the hum of the vacuum running raged on and on and on and I’m on fire and I’m counting down the days till the Shakipat transmission.


She goes on:

What is the “great fracturing” you mention?

We will stand empowered for princesses are weak and play the victim and we are the Mother Light and we will stick together, yes, yes, yes and we are Her and we are keeping Her Light strong and we will over turn the adversarial forces.

What are steps to we start with?

Tonight we bathe in the waters of Her Holy Light. I will pray all night and my prayers are for Her, for you and for me.

I know it doesn’t help or change anything when I say this, but you are bigger than these perverts and you will eat them up. They are nothing but shadows and when you look right at them they skirt away for they are the lie and they will never see the truth and yes, what was it that person you wanted to do the class/training with to start heralding in the galactic council—we need to do this, you and I don’t need a class or a man or another training, we can do this and we will do this. The Mother Light is bigger than all male chauvinists and perverts combined. She will eat them all in one bite. We must herald in the Holy Wisdom Mother Light.

Groupies suck—groupies are not just women in tight clothing flinging themselves loosely about; groupies are also the men who spout bullshit and nod and just wanna think they are living life if they get close enough to something bigger than them just by association—a participation mystique where no one is an individual and lives life through others … guess that’s why reality tv is such a hit … I saw it all the time as a child and today, I can see it a mile away. I saw it all around and all the time I saw the groupie swarm and now I see what a groupie my mom ended up being and she hates me for seeing the truth of who she really is and so I’m banished … but it’s a cost for the price of freedom. And I’d rather be a Divine Loser working for the Mother Light with you … Ha Ha Ha

May I send you a care package to ward off the perverts and chauvinists?

Yes, yes! Let’s build the fierce Mother Light Fire and throw everyone and everything that doesn’t service and let the fire take it all down.

Tell me more when you write, “They’re coming down from the sky.”

And yes, so agree when you say … it is surreal and violent and we can’t participate … And how can we remove ourselves when the perversion and poison is everywhere … in the water, in the food, in the air … in our families and we’re removed ourselves from the crazy family cult and now what?

I’m so past the wound of this or that and know that whatever the traumas are they led me to you for we have lived the sacred wound and we are Her the Mother Light and we will transmute all this lead/shit and turn it to gold for we are the Queen Mary Mother Light Alchemicalist.

And in going to the well, a well that’s dry and offers cob webs and dust and vapid echos from a world in which she lives full of delusion, false being and cracked bravado I stare down into the dark pit one last time, turn away and walk to the rising dawn light and feel into the marrow of this awaken body freedom and the mother I now seek lives in the holy light.


Oh No! VIRGIN MOTHER DEMON SLAYER MOTHER OF JESUS-“You sound angry. I just want you to find peace” I am boundless compassion. How do I do it? When nothing compares to you..

(refer to post comments -if you’re saying “what?”)

So is he a,

Tantric God or Sky Humper? I’ll let you decide.

I’m as hard as rock. Painfully frigid. Now what?
Life makes wine -not soft, chubby fingers playing with their macho parts…

Not sure how to play this one out? Play along…
Yes, the master plan. Make them think your secret is better (and especially bigger) than there’s is. Even in Vegas I win with no hand at all….I am the Player who keeps playing even when the doors have closed…

But as you can see by now -the old Game is over because She said so… and a New Game is about to start because I’ve been told that- The Great Fracturing is upon Us. If you didn’t notice yet, I’ve got friends in high places too….

They’re coming down from the sky sooner than we realize…and it’s not about Bhagavan Das groupie phenomena….surreal and violent and we can’t participate anymore….it’s about poison and cool aid and should we drink it or not?

Well I’ve been thinking about you and what we’ve been doing and how we ended up here. Screen bonding and late night astral meetings. Was it a hug or a handshake- do you remember? I do. I remember you.

I saw you standing in the Diamond Doorway.
Getting ready for the split.

There’s something really important going on right now and everyone is falling pray to the hungry ghosts because of sales and services…
but don’t go the way of denial and knees locked in place…if you’re looking at boys, just admit it and stop getting mad at me because I won’t come back as a dog but you might….just bend over and deal with it. It’s more spiritually profound (even if a little messy)

If you suppress you sexual desires you may come back as a dog.
That’s what happened to my dog mani. He was a gay Tibetan Buddhist monk in his last life and he is certainly paying the price for all his suppression. Poor little thing, he won’t even play with a girl dog. We bought a girl puppy so he could have a friend (and had to find a new home for the boy puppy we originally had gotten him as a playmate- the relationship was so intense they would just lay there noisily mouthing each other all day when they weren’t doing Brokeback Mountain that is) But anyway, he hated this little girl puppy, she was really small and so he would just lay on top of her trying to suffocate her-or coax her up the stairs into the loft and leave her there (she was scared to come down the stairs) hoping she’d fall through the rails to her death- and he got really bitchy and it was a cat fight every day-and Padma (her name) just wasn’t going to take it- she would just attack on command “kill Mani. Kill Mani.” Was all her little mind could think- that, and
“Me Mommy. Mommy, Me” (she’s a simple girl)
This little girl was vicious. Even to this day I can rev her up and watch her go (it’s always about Kill Mani of course)

He gave up trying to destroy her but he also never wanted anything to do with her. It wasn’t fair to him and so we got another boy dog (and that’s a whole other story-now we have 3 boys)

When Hot Rod even thinks about sky humping my girl Padma She flips him on his back so fast
and pounds him straight into the ground (like a real man) That’s mommy’s girl. She’s got it together- She doesn’t wait around for The Man to figure it out. Nobody
messes with Padma, she is a girl of little talk and all action. She’s the real thing! There’s no more
-boys do this -and girls do that- protocol.

It’s a free for all.

The World is about to end.

Ok so maybe this is our marital problem, but my point is -Don’t come back as a Dog!

There was this sweet soft old girl who came all the way to Taos from the Midwest to be with us.
She was very devotional and also very dramatic.
At the time we were holding 3 satsangs per week plus Kali pujas monthly in the Kali Temple in our house. So she arrived on the Winter solstice of 2012. We were doing a kirtan and she was there and so innocent and scared but very brave. She would cry and roll around the floor writhing in ecstasy. It was so fun, I really appreciate her. She would lay her head on my lap crying while i stroked her golden hair. She was 26 years old but I saw her as about 5, and I loved her. I still do. But in time, her motives and trust got rusty and I pushed her away (I do that alot) if I can push you away, it wasn’t really love. Not the kind of love that goes all the way. I was there for Her but in the end She was a Sky Humper looking for a guy. And She left and she found one- straight out of hell. He’s beautiful and noble and I love him (I met him last year) he’s in so much pain because of his parents dying when he was young. I touched his face and he looked at me like the sweetest puppy you have ever seen.
She on the other hand, wasn’t doing so well (it has been about 3 years since I had seen her last)

Mother ice. mother coal. mother blood.

She didn’t look right. She look hard and stiff.
She told me she wasn’t a little girl anymore but was a “woman now” (maybe because she was having sex daily and vaping- I don’t know) so I was worried and I get too involved I know.

I convinced her to come to an event and bring her Kali statue and put it on stage so it could be infused with energy and bless her- it was the best I could do. How can I say “You aren’t looking so good” it’s touchy. So She came and brought roses and Kali. The thing about Kali is She’s tricky and She’s Queen of the Astral World which means a lot of other energies can be magnetized by Her if things are going on in your life that aren’t so good…People should be very careful with Kali, it’s not a game (for you anyway)
and don’t try to be bigger than She is…and don’t try to call Her your Lover. She’ll destroy you-it’s Her idea of romance. She loves to destroy everything. You especially.

So I’m sitting there after we just started singing and I hear “I’m going to rip your throat out. Leave her alone. I’m going to rip your throat out…over and over again…I was like, what?

Whose saying that?… and I look and it’s the Kali- but it’s not Kali- it’s the demon eating my beautiful damsel and its riding in the Kali deity with a message for me…I can’t even tell her….I do everything to
expel the demon and it finally left but didn’t go too far and after a couple days it came right back..
I can’t tell Her this. She loves Kali and it will only make things worse…and She wanted to change and clean up Her life and we went back home and I prayed and prayed and did rituals for Her and She couldn’t break free…I had a vision of the demon attached to her. I saw him. He was very tall and extremely gaunt, severely saggy and ugly and grayish, blackish green and it was crouched over her while she cried-like an umbrella- hooked into her sexual energy -like a tic -protecting Her from me. It was horrifying and I was very angry and I still am. I will find Him sooner than He thinks.
And that’s why it’s good to get your anger and sex in order. I haven’t seen her since and She won’t talk to me anymore…the demon took Her for now.
I always tell people to come closer because I can’t do much from a distance. No one gets that’s the reason why and I can’t tell them….

exorcism takes time.

Kali is the Queen of Hell. She goes both ways- yet She’s unaffected by the dark -but if we aren’t careful we can be possessed by energies we can’t see….it’s not a black tshirt with skulls. It’s not piercings and tattoos.

It’s Her bedroom with the curtains closed.

I’m just saying, I’m your friend and I love you.

There’s a black hole we can’t stay afloat in unless our devotion is seeing through Her eyes
and not our own anymore. You won’t be understood at all.

But I won’t reject you.

And those who feel they aren’t frigid (like I am)
are the least sexually aware. Being graphic and vulgar is so out of touch with Touch. I’m sorry. I really am sorry you think Sex is your organ.

The Dick is a state of consciousness. Its not a description of its appearance or a guy we don’t like.

The Dick is God Himself.

Capable of Anything.

Sharada Devi

57 thoughts on “The Dick is God Himself”

  1. Praise be to the Shiva Lingam!

    My powerful Shiva Lingam pierces the sky!
    Om Namah Shivayah!
    Om Namah Shivayah!
    Om Namah Shivayah!
    Om Namah Shivayah!
    My powerful Shiva Lingam pierces the uterus of Kali!
    A powerful Shiva Baby Seed is planted in her fertile womb.
    Growing deep within her belly, Shiva Baby grows powerful and strong
    Like a redwood tree, from a small seed, to a giant and peaceful master!

    Praise be to Shiva!

    John Kosswix

  2. i’m such a weak pathetic loser…finally a real man on the scene who can fuck the goddess properly…can i watch? i’m so jealous…and he makes you look like an idiot with all the editing and taking it back and giving it back…and the lame songs…trent reznor’s version was so much better…this sucks…i want freedom from this…how does bhagavan das sleep at night with all these hard dicks gunning for his woman…i wish you’d disappear…everything Mr. Vosswix says is the truth that women feign that they can’t handle…kudos to you Mr. Vosswix for having balls…

    1. It’s such a joke, this intensity.
      Bhagavan Das is a man. These are
      boys who need help. He laughs at it
      all just like I do.
      Lighten up and be free.
      What editing?

    2. I also have an idea- why don’t you stop reading it
      and obsessing if it upsets you.
      Remember the emails you used to send me?
      Not too far off from John right? (maybe not as funny though) Did I negate you? No I didn’t. It’s about souls not bodies. Get the darkness out and be free-
      not from me- from your own shadow.

      1. I like it…and its about your hot ass and pretty face at the core…you have a hard time accepting that for some reason. Once a stripper….

        1. i like you and your hot ass.
          yes, always a stripper.
          and now I’m stripping you.
          and you can’t take it.
          the dance never ends…
          $$$$ for body $$$$
          hot girls come and get it!

          1. I love the way you write.
            You really are my first choice though
            (amongst the circle jerkers)

            nothing can touch me. you’re all just
            touching yourselves…take the content
            a little deeper ok? I know you can.

          1. but in all fairness to you whatever happened up in bearsville has helped me to stop drinking…that’s really a huge deal…it can’t be overstated…and I know I need to let go of you now…I will continue to try to strive for purification…some say one thing at a time…I’m very tamasic right now…but ill continue to strive…things will get better slowly…not what you would ever approve of but you are too demanding and extreme for me…ill leave you alone now…

    3. Thank you for your response Shane, of course you can watch me demolish this goddess right in front of you. I’m pretty sure Bhagavan Das is the sharing type, I don’t think he’s a monogamous man. Also the name’s Kosswix, Not Vosswix. Get it straight so you will know whose name Sharada Devi will be shouting as she is getting her uterus pummeled.

      Om Namah Shivayah

      Praise be to the Shiva Lingam
      And the sperm inside Sharada’s vagina which Swam
      Out from the entrance of my cock with I ram
      Deep into her convulsing clam

      Praise be to God!

      John Kosswix

      1. Do you feel better now Shane?
        you still can’t see what I’ve pulled out?
        Pure Poison.
        And you’re both welcome.
        All for free-for my love for you.
        Thank the Mother Light.
        She’ll do anything to set you free.

      2. This energy is your deep rooted self hatred for HER. You cut yourself off from the only one who can free you. Your words return to you and your demons feed on your spilled sperm. She is the Golden One you will never know. This is murder in your heart and hell is your destiny. Fall down on the ground and be free or fry in deep hot oil. She who is the womb and tomb you insult the Temple of Her sacred body that gave you life. Poor stupid man all alone in your tears……….repent and mean it.
        Bhagavan Das

      3. You are so very wrong, my loyalty to Her is beyond this world, She is my all and everything. I do not share, she is all mine.
        I do not own her..You are a stupid fool and need to grow up before you drop dead. Bhagavan das

        1. I have no hatred for her! Only love! And longing! I have fevered night dreams, tossing and turning in my sleep as Kali tempts me with her seductive dance. I only wish to die inside her womb, over and over, until I am reborn! Share her divine love, share the divine essence of her life! Everything belongs to God! Everything belongs to SHIVA!!

          Peace and love be upon you,

          John Kosswix

  3. Dear Sharada Devi:

    What the fuck!? This is what I’m talking about this sex perversion and twisted shadow it’s discussing and it’s abusive and it needs to stop — where do these guys get this warped sense of being — it’s old and dark and it’s them acting out their little boy fantasies where they’ve seen one too issues many of playboy and now they’ve upped it to movie porn — really men don’t use porn — baby boys who want back into their mommies do — real men don’t stand at the bar and eye women up and down and rate women’s “fuckability” — real men are not asleep and John and Shane are asleep. There’s no editing going on — don’t see any and these guys can’t handle how perverted they are at their core and you’re handing them their shadow on a golden plate and all they are seeing is their eyes looking back at them — King babies — King porn babies — they will die in addiction and have to come back and be what they propagated — they will be the young girl sold by her parents into the sex trade so that her parents will have rice in the fields — they will be the runaway in America forced to be the modern slave and have to suck dicks for their freedom — once a stripper always a stripper? What are they 12? Bet they treat all the women in their lives like shit — bet their mothers wished they aborted them but their mommies don’t have the fucking guts to scream out and slap them back to truth for their moms live the lie too and they feel it and it’s buried deep and so they are the king porn babies — who will never have the truth and never live in anything real but their porn addiction — real men don’t use porn and this is were an intervention is needed and 12-step recovery — it’s all down hill and this spiritual materialism of doing the mantra, meditation and learning about lingams and Shiva is all bullshit and just boys playing at being men — when was the last time these guys wept and faced how fucked up and broken they are — porn is a VERY serious addiction and the real mental issues behind the addition is not only depression, but bipolar and the addition to porn keeps raising the stakes — no woman will go near them cause their energy is so sticky and slimy — it’s like the universe is reading their thoughts and a neon light flashing above — stay the hell away from this — and their insecurity is just going to go lower and lower and lower — and then Shane and John can do their circle jerks when in the end aren’t they just jerking each other — so maybe they’re not only angry at their mommies but also angry that they like to jerk each other off — it’s like you said your dog’s nickname is “Hot Rod” Shane and John are way worse off then your dog — these guys are in a toxic addiction shame cycle and well … your dog’s is a dog is a dog — so with 12-steps isn’t the first step to recovery is to admit there’s a problem — seems as if John and Shane have a VERY big problem if they’re jerking each other off and like it.

    I bet John and Shane are just like the kinda guy a friend met while traveling by plane with her 10-year-old daughter. Friend is sitting by the window and daughter is seated in middle seat and this guy, when it’s okay to watch media as the plane is going up up up up, starts watching porn (guess he justified it cause he’s wearing his headset), my friend, as any mother would be, is shocked and tells the guy to stop it and he very sheepishly says “Oh. Sorry.” The mother of course switches seats with her daughter and thankfully it wasn’t a long flight. And I bet that guy never saw what his addition is doing — bringing him to his knees and hitting a bottom and he’s just going to keep on keeping on feeding the addiction.

    Dear Sharada Devi, I’m coming to you and cleaning house — you’re not on your own and I’ll sweep the groupies right out the door. Enough of this and this will end.


    Tara Devi

      Hail to Tara Devi the Queen that shreds
      the meat. I love you. Keeper of the Flame.

  4. You cant see the editing once its been edited…fuckability is extremely important as men are stimulated visually…you sound like a repressed crazy cat woman

    1. She’s not repressed and doesn’t have cats.
      She’s so beautiful you couldn’t take it.
      The lights too bright so you keep covering your eyes. Real Dicks bring courage not
      dreams of violence and rape against women.
      You’re both Sky humpers with nowhere left to go. The Goddess is right.

    2. again… mean spirited and crass…I humbly and respectfully offer my apologies to anyone that this may have offended…

  5. Shame Shame Shane — What do you say to the lazy sleeping man who is holding his dick — that’s all he’s got nothing but his fucking dick — pathetic — all day long you think about fucking — you watch fucking and you’re not getting anything you want. Why do you come around? What keeps you coming back? If you were really willing to look at your shadow your truth your little horror show Kali would tie you up in my holy mother fucking basement and feed you scraps of your own flesh or own dick — you do nothing but take up space and you need to an exorcism — go to the source — go the women in your life with your dick in your hand and confess your sins — it’s not too late — and maybe Kali will let you lick the blood that runs from Her toes — why do you want to keep jacking off to nothing all day long — don’t be a fool and get off the addiction or at least get some fucking manners and balls and stop coming around with your whiny dick in your hand. It’s boring and banal — such a waste of your precious human life. It’s up to you. Get on the right track or keep going down into nothing.

    1. This was beautiful and accurate… the sting from reading this actually helped me… with love and respect

      1. Oh there’s no male bashing here — we women like men who are real men and know how to use their lingams the right way. Not the king baby little boy way with their whiny dicks in hand and eyes full of fear pleading for cardboard images in a dark room jerking off and hoping to God to stop the addiction. Shane, you’ve been praying for this and now the herald is here — all you need to do is step away from the addiction admit your powerless. Try something different. Maybe you’ll like yourself more and maybe you’ll smile more and feel more joy and realness and not hide behind a mask of lies. Maybe your mother, sister, girlfriend from the past will embrace you and your woundedness and you can breath and feel what it feels to be fully alive in your body as a grown man and not a boy trapped in your body. Give it a try and set a boundary with the scared little boy and let him know he can rest and he’s safe and that you, are going to take care of things from now on. You don’t want to waste this precious life.

    1. You and your dick. It gets so old.
      Don’t you have anything else to do?
      Go fly your big airplane perhaps?

  6. She eats your heart out and spins your stupid mind into madness like you say. Your words are dancing and we are left alone to clean the plate. When kali comes the wind blows and all manmade stuff is gone, her breath like a hurricane of rainbow light.
    She is the All and Everything and we are only here by her grace so get real and stop the spill. Pull up or drain away, she only wants your life. Stupid war monger for money to bring what but more pain? and all those bones are alive for they did not die in vain. She is always undercover hidden in the corner of the room, she is inside the river of blood…… to dot ending and starting new. She is the broom that sweeps your floor and she watches you from the window. Only real devotion to her big toe will save you from hell.
    The ship of death is here now, it is just so close we can,t hear her singing in the storm. Listen, listen put your ear to the ground
    She cries sky poison down from all the stupid airplane dicks flying for money but her way is the only way. The grand cross has come, pray hard and harder and remember someone’s been eating out of your bowl. Bhagavan Das

  7. You are right Baba!!! My mind spins in an endless daze of longing for eternal union with the divine mother! I would love for you to share the divine nectar of her sweetness with me! She is the golden one and my golden sperm is called to her!

    Oh sweet golden vaginal tulips
    I shall engulf you with mine own two lips
    Bhagavan will share your rainbow light with me
    No man should lay claim to all your being
    Crucify you on the cross of grace with my penis
    No one shall stand between us
    Until you die that little death of climax
    And all your craziness is relaxed

    Thank you Baba and Sharada for your endless grace!
    Praise Shiva! Om Namah Shivayah!

    John Kosswix

  8. Am wondering why this open sharing of what i thought was originally aspirations of purity and purgation of familiar and familial sins and sorrows has suddenly turned into
    some vile personal vendetta of sick and sad diversions of ‘NUT-JOB” out-lashing and flagrant self-absorbed
    public and pubic forms of perverted flashing and lashing out ????
    How would some one with such a twisted perspective of the divine EVEN FIND their way to an online subject
    entitled ” Mother Light”
    Unless perhaps they are perusing and pursuing any and all google searches involving MOTHER-FUCKING.
    Sorry, that just kind of “came out”
    Whoops—- NO PUN INTENDED!!!!
    Or else stalking your kirtan ” in the name of love” just to sit and salivate…
    i guess it takes all kinds, but it never occurred to me. Silly me, always fixated on the perfect…
    But truly, i NEVER, imagined that this blog site would ever end up in such an overt” tit for tat” vehicle for some jerk-off’s compulsive need to be heard / read / or some how find a place to get their rocks off in the name of divinity.


    Correct me if i’m, wrong , but wasn’t it just yesterday that ‘Shane” was all over the place with love and
    sorrow for being close to death… and promising to be more poetic and blah, blah, blah….
    i am not usually one to be so “sucked ‘ in to a verbal confrontation. “Butt” more than the this i am off-set
    with how this verbal interaction has transpired..
    Should have known better.
    Yesterday it was all of an ethereal nature and like-wise raw but with still a continued purity of essence.
    Now this overtly prurient fascination ???
    And today…
    PORNO – CITY ???
    i’m really surprised that i am even responding to this. ( i have used thin line before i know ) But for Gods sake…
    i am not a prude. but come on, lets get on with it.
    What’s the point of just ranting and rutting about with this “Let’s Get It On” mentality?
    Maybe i am COMPLETELY off-center with the stratagem of this blog… ?

    Quite frankly, i thought it was going to be about food recipes and eating…
    Which, i guess it has in some respect transformed into being, or so today become. But not in the way i originally imagined
    But who am i to say what Sharada Devi had in mind when she created this site???….
    i don’t really want to be drawn into this miss-mash of dicks and cunts.
    i’ve had enough of the worldly aspect of it all.
    It’s so much ” I ” need and ” I ” want “and my ego must been satiated” . regardless. And at ANY expense.
    i have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. And mis-fortune. over far too period of time.
    i now at THIS point in THIS life , this one can only sense and revere the ethereal and primordial relevance to which it pertains.
    we ALL “come” from the star-burst ejaculation of primordial Mother womb creation.
    The rest is just so much fuck- fodder, verbal masturbation and mental Onanism…

    So you unrequited fuck – love boys obsessed with the sole purpose of life being the prime time fulfillment of your precious member…
    PLEASE, RE-THINK ! And in the name of God and The Mother Light , find some other website in/ on which to fixate, regurgitate , expurgate or masturbate.
    But then agin – ” It’s Not For Me To Say…”

    1. Dear Maria,
      I couldn’t agree more-and we tolerate and wonder whether or not we should even engage such ignorance -seems a losing game

      I suppose what I had in mind was to open alternate and more creative mind spaces so that readers could engage and be encouraged to listen to their deeper places. What the problem is, is that those places are covered by shame guilt and anger-due to mostly parental absence and abuse and so the boys get confused and think they can assault me verbally by reducing me to body parts. I personally think I have made myself clear that that is not what sex is when lit by consciousness of our sacred selves but clearly they don’t get it and it’s sad but of course I am used to bring misunderstood and projected upon. Yes I’ve known Shane for awhile now and I have done my best to be a friend to him because I see he is suffering and he goes back and forth and it’s very messy- it’s a mother complex and missing father/anger issues- but he’s not a child he is a man who can’t get a woman- and I think you’ve defined the reason why (Tara Devi too) and don’t know this John guy but doesn’t seem coherent or mentally stable enough to deal with- and I see that even Baba tried-we always keep trying- people suffer but compassion has its limits when it just turns into useless mediocrity and the blog post itself has been completely forgotten. I intended to erase most of their comments once I saw if there was some redemption possible- redemption from their
      misguided sexuality- aimed at objectification of me and women in general-
      But I also feel it’s good to see where the truth leads and be awake to where the dance of He and She really is- more like a war that can’t be won- so I suppose the thread didn’t totally stray into loss- but it’s
      lost any useful appeal and I never take it personally. Yes I am provocative and maybe controversial too- but it seems I’m living in the same world as you- with more aspirations for seeking beauty in the dark eyes of longing
      (as opposed to rape in dark alleys)

      Yes I think the recipes will have to be recipes of mind magic and self love. Anyone insightful can see where I’m headed- but unfortunately I usually think much more highly of people and its just a sad sad place where most will never truly look into another eyes and see God.
      Love to you Maria.

    2. Also you and Tara Devi responses make
      me laugh and that’s a good thing!
      Almost deleted but something tells me
      regardless of what backlash I may receive
      by allowing my writings (which I spend time on and offer for free or donation) to be
      reduced to such ignorance- believe me,
      You read how I never wanted to do this- I want to delete all the time- and I can’t really “choose” the topic- it just flows and I write-unscripted and without personal agenda- baba says it’s good to open
      Pandora box- which I’m obviously very good at- but it’s sad and maybe people should try to read with an open mind of tolerance and compassion instead of disgust- as everyone is only looking for their Mother’s Love.
      Should I take responsibility? Well, if you knew what I do for all these people you could say I already have. So expectations are out the window and so is attachment to ideals of the fruits of my labors. Krishna was right- he’s like, “please just do it and don’t sit around second guessing your labor of love even if others do” (in so many words)
      So to delete or not- maybe they’ll come around- we pray they wake up and stop hurting and isolating themselves
      (and by stalkers freaks and perverts- I meant unusual and strangely expressive introverted eccentric people-not run of the
      mill men pretending they aren’t angry and bound in emotional isolation) but maybe I’m not clear enough-I prefer subtlety and my
      words are never written in a literal sense-
      But I think you get that already.

      1. Why don’t you choose a topic then… but you do kind of initiate the topic sometimes with the substance of your blog…

    3. And may just stop writing the blog altogether. It’s time consuming- and
      what’s the point of setting myself up
      as a target for all sorts of backlash,
      projection and misunderstandings?
      You know this world will only let us down.
      It’s always been that way and always will.
      The Buddha was over it. Good plan.
      Jump the wall and leave this world behind.

      1. Well i for one would hope that you do persevere.
        Perhaps with more discretion as to what comments are visible?
        i suppose that then becomes a form of censorship.
        But i guess i have my own intrinsically greedy need to see what unfolds next.
        An out-pouring of some of the more sublime and ethereal and other worldly
        tellings that have made their way into previous posting.
        i realize that as you have stated that the topics choose themselves.
        Maybe a new medium of expression is ripening as we speak.
        Those would be nourishing recipes that my sensitive soul is longing to consume.

        1. It was at my discretion that they be made
          visible, just like the rest of the shadow
          we all carry. Men have their problems
          and women have theirs- we as a species
          share the common thread though of wanting
          it all to be as we think it should be- or what the blog is or becomes- it’s Her will that we SEE each other- because we’re not seperate-that’s the painful and repulsive part-in the way spirituality or the path
          of tantra is supposed to present itself.
          Can you say how? Do you know? What’s not being seen? It’s purging. It’s always vile-
          vomit and groaning.
          Compassion and deeper wisdom beyond the gross and tacky that only reveals the symptom not the heart of christ that exists in you and in Shane and John. We must heal
          not reject- skillfully and with intention
          -which I have. Intention.
          I do not feel censorship was necessary in
          this situation- much came to light- anger
          from both sexes- misunderstandings and
          lack of depth of perception.
          It all takes time. We can’t give up on
          anyone but they’ll be good boys now.
          So we all lighten up and live and let live.
          I’m not trying to be anybody that’s going
          to be liked or understood. Everyone feels
          left out. Everyone wants the world to revolve around their comfort zones-
          So it’s the mother light of the great peace
          of the open space of acceptance as the underlying essence of Her Grace.
          Thank you for your support.

          1. Yes, we don’t always get it ladled out to as we would like it to be served.
            Balking at what instigates the uncomfortable squirm does not make for growth or
            garnering of truth or transformation.
            Learning not to look the other way when gruesome realities stare us in the face.
            We can either choose to run or succumb.
            This is the stuff that divine growth invokes.
            Thanks for shining some light of my selfish-ness.
            You are precisely right.
            Without the friction.
            No refinement occurs.

          2. From Beautiful Maria: to me: to us all:

            Jai Ma!!!

            To you too –
            Oh sacred sister of the deepest and true heart place
            My love for you is eternal and unending

            Praise be to that which unites us all to each other and the stardust alchemy
            that is our true and unequivocal bond.

            Blessed be the tie that binds!

  9. No MotherLight! Please don’t stop writing this blog! Don’t stop shining!
    I didn’t mean anything bad towards you or Baba!
    I am not some sick stalker!
    I watch your youtube channel
    I’ve read his book “It’s here now”
    I follow your blog!
    I am a follower!
    Sometimes I just get a little overcome with lust!
    I work a very tense job!
    Stress accumulates in my head!
    My heart is worn out, squeezed out like a rag!
    Please forgive me for my “assault” of you…
    I only wanted to love you, In the only way I know how!

    Peace, Om Namah Shivayah,

    John Kosswix

  10. The writings of Kosswix are unworthy to be posted here.
    I watch the videos and read the blog as a means to help me enter
    Into the light. May we not be distracted by the shadow energy.
    Please continue your blog and videos for they project light and truth
    And are helping me and others in ways you both will never know.
    Om shanti shanti shanti

    1. Dear Michael,
      Yes you do watch YouTube and thanks for all
      your supportive comments!
      The shadow energy IS the light that has been
      disowned- distorted and perverted due to so many reasons. We are here to see through the
      lie, not to judge, to develop tolerance, empathy and compassion. Sometimes we let that happen (JK) to bring in a greater light- at my discretion and with pure intention. We are not someone else besides
      JK- he lives in our hearts too. He could have done it somewhere else, but he did it here so we embrace his pain to see if there is a way to bring clarity and clear up a little more darkness in this world- and he gets it or he doesn’t- that yes, it’s a game but not the kind he’s playing….
      Much Love to you!

      1. Also most importantly- I write this blog because JK is in all of us whether we want
        to see him or love him or not. Negating him
        only creates more ignorance and toxicity. Hearing him (beyond his words) cultivates compassion and wisdom. He doesn’t mean a word of what he says, so why does he say it?
        Look into the heart of the matter to end the
        lie. The shadow is not separate from the light.
        It’s about fuel and potential and transformation and the clog in the pipe-
        it’s all here being itself -on the way to Godhood.

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