rain goddess

velvet skin, tears, me to death for you,


bliss. early morning diamonds, the sun rolled off my finger to my lips, the rapture. dripping rain, the clouds, never forget me. you cold morning, falling sap, lonely root, touching someone invisibly held. windows looking out in you, for you, without you is because of this funnel, dirt and bone. the sound of water means go inside, but instead i sit wet under this tree, looking out at someone, behind it all, inside my flesh wherever you are, groaning, moaning the fog of me. eating roots, drinking underworld, twisting up, your branches. tangled is how I want to be up in your arms of thicket and danger, a storm brews. birds go away, deeper somewhere i never see, not a picture of this, how it feels, only images touching softly the concept of you between me. the world out there is gone, the world I gave you is this. turn over the earth, warm holes under rocks, protected from thunder louder than words. black slate, reading sky. nothing to say but you, do you knows me? thornless, helpless flower bending over for the life of me. fingers, sunlight.  i can touch again the morning where i found you undoing my night inside. warm light no glow is seen. i only feel unknown, the places that land inside of me. you, bringing everything that’s lost to a fireless rain. water, the season of water bring me down from the clouds to you, laying close looking for some light through my clouds.

touch the flame, not seeing, finding the smolder in deeper hiding places. i came before cats walked this earth, trees, spindles, winding feline sucubus, tell me everything, i’m not afraid, soul. i hear the river, i hear the breathe of threats. who rides the moon inside this box? i said, do you know me, and i mean, are you eclipsing my twice lit face, are you inside the dark of me listening for feeling and resurrection from death? i sit in rain and gray seeking, as a flower unseen, seed to seed beneath me, underneath me, underground churning her heart. homeless earthworm, the cat was abandoned and i fed her, one eye was missing, the other eye was red. glow inside he made a fire, i know you’re down there dreaming of me, something you might have made in your sleep, a favorite thing like a feather you find left by a bird more sacred than air. i am coming for you, where should I go, the ground is hollow, the floor is tin. i can’t hear anything about you, but your eyes on paper, it isn’t real. fingers rolling out sunlight, tongues tied together and bound by the ring, the spirits we grow understand the stars that we find inside each other. water falls over me and I sit beneath the tree because i am just nowhere else but here, over your underworld booming beneath me. peaceful deity, spinning the web around you spiders with elegant long slender legs and eyes that look like holes, deeper come deeper still, this isn’t it yet, yes it’s me. virgin death, two heads are better than one so i wait, akin to no one but space and thoughts that touch you with words wherever you are. pulling roots, pulling you, me the petals, me the tethered branches. eyes touch and do not need to see to know me. invisible you, felt everywhere blowing fire and water, heart beat, drum time. i felt the loneliness over the water, little sun sinking, red flower into nothing. inside you, me, nothing left but shadow and ash. left over breathe silently bound, like antlers hanging on a wall after the moon fell. horns didn’t seem as dangerous after they were killed, you never died, only moved into me. wild spirit, my ride. tear out the morning from my heart and erase the night. between two, me, you, eclipse, orbit the pulse, the thing still bleeding, bodies, this mess I love. like the rain, falling wet covering me in your water, seeds of love, wounded flower, daylight. on top of whatever matters at all, i know you’ll be here, inside of me soon like a rainbow slipping in alive, pale lovers…need. there was never a bang, only a twisting and a sighing of many colors, never missing you again. flesh, this mystical we, weave back together the loose. the cat pounces on her own beloved just to see her prowess, come back to me, kitten in the wild, only playing with forbidden dusk, chase me, catch me, cover me, fill me with everything besides myself. two worlds, shadowing the distant between us, heaven hangs from a tree watching me hunt you, sitting, feline, branches, drops of sun, moon, water, flames of fire and blood, skin velvet covers cold, sweet friend, forever my easy blanket, because you already know my final bed. you’re the only one who cries for me, inside of me, roots water seeds, making love,

rain goddess, into me. sharada devi


12 thoughts on “rain goddess”

      1. Of course you did and of course I can only hear what is within me that I already know somewhere, you often find it and there’s love in what you try to help us remember. Thank you for loving us that much.

        1. Love❤️ Is A Riddle.
          That’s All This Is.
          Me With The Riddle.
          Your Eyes, Clues,
          I Hope This Works.
          Prayers For The Maze.
          ALL A Daze. LOVE?
          Only Answers in Questions
          OF Me. XOXO

          1. In me…of you…what else is there to do? I have no agenda…the plan has me anyway, there’s no other way, eh? And love fills what’s between…

          2. ❤️i don’t get it…? what’s the love we claim to know? Inbetween our claim or our plan? Good question? I have a huge agenda honestly,🕸 All wrapped up and nowhere to go, laughter precedes my agenda. That’s where I keep getting stuck, your love❤️
            or maybe that was me? OM🕸

          3. Oh rain on glass, it looks like this has come full circle; starting with my confusion and now what I’m struggling to explain! I don’t care to waste more of your time. I know you have a legitimate agenda here. I was just saying I was truly confused; not trying to play games. The answer came yesterday when a little boy around 4 yrs. old turned to me suddenly and said “wait, is this real life?” I contemplated telling him”no” for a second, but knew that answer would beg many more questions. Then I wondered where the question originated and realized it wasn’t a question (his mind just made it so)

          4. Haha no explaination, confusion is everything Love with wings! Flies forever in circles❤️

  1. The bodhisattva gives
    The river flows thoughtless
    The wind breathes
    From now into never
    The cold is felt in the space between you and me. One day. “This funnel is tiring.
    I just want to stay in one place”

  2. I can’t get enough of this….
    Forest Dakini riding a white mountain lioness,

    Listening becomes hyper-aware feeling, as your words
    Drug my mind, like the sweet smoke kiss of a divine lover,
    Pulses of Shakti shaking me into submission….
    I’m laying on the damp moss, preening and keening over you.
    Beautiful ravens picking at my clothes and leave a blood-speckled
    Tattoo on my skin underneath , I’m stunned by it’s beauty.

    Bits of leaves and twigs cling to my damp hair,
    Scent of wild mushrooms and cedar and wet evergreen sap
    Their weight on top of me, no illusions cover my nakedness.
    I’m dying with you, in a moment so pure, your laughter harmonizes
    With the tones in my ears, my cold-numbed hands grip my throat,
    Wanting this frame of the play to be the perfect end
    Of this wild, savage thing we mistakingly call life.

    As I blink away a droplet one last time, and look at the ghostly sky,
    I see You …..and smell You, gentle Rain Goddess,
    The woods still to a hush at your presence.
    Your hair like bark, hangs down and makes a ladder for me,
    Reaching down your branch ropes, and a slender hand,
    So I can climb my way back home…..

    Leaving behind a soft-barked tree called Devi,
    with fluttering butterfly wings as leaves.

    Thank you for being You, and for your endless love.
    ❤️ 🌳
    Sharanam Ma
    Kamala Devi

    1. you’re like a mystical one night stand.
      I never see you, you blow in and out,
      leaving only the scent of love,
      possibly more, could you be
      The One?
      stay awhile, don’t keep going…kissing
      only leads to more words and more wonder,
      OM only my home, in you, always tears…
      Don’t go❤️ endlessly aflutter…

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