body body body…no eyes but only me

I want you to know yourself. There is a gossamer light that spins into this human body spiral because of two shadowy snakes that intertwine and eclipse the neutral mind upon the axis of karma and dharma. One has what the other wants and one only knows what that is. One has the serpent’s head with the pitchforked tongue and one has the serpent’s slithering, whipping intuitive body of stored memory. We come into duality to meet both of our makers, to become the initiate and enter the rite of their intended ritual. The light of that purposed creation moves into density and casts a shadow at either end of it’s journey, this axis is known as Rahu and Ketu. They are shadows that became shadows because of the information they hold, which is the specific incantation of the magical words that brought us into human existence known as the stars who make love and war. This creation of ourselves in all its grand specter, is elusive as well as tangible, in that this axis is always holding hands in a partnership that keeps us spinning. This partnership is the nadis – ida and pingala and their union is in sushuma and do we have the moves to consummate or not? The great legend and holy book of the Mahabharata was dictated by a blind Rishi, the scribe was Ganesha who broke off his tusk to use as a pen. We should know our origin and have an explanation, the blind Rishi transmitted the cosmic plan to lord Ganesha who remembers and records everything and the axis of these shadow form deities are the individual plan for the separate soul and contain the specifics on how to resolve the tension of opposites so that the electricity created known as the kundalini can spiral unimpeded back to the source of soul. The source being that which only a blind Rishi could know…are you listening?

KETU is the focus. The Rishi is blind. Do you understand?

Ketu is the source of maya and the reason for everything.

Ketu is the genetic code within the DNA strand and the controller of DNA itself, the bardo experience and controls Rahu.

Ketu is like a fishermen casting out his line- Rahu is the hook at the end of the line- hungry and looking for the food.

Ketu throws us in the water to look for him again and again…recreating the experience of searching for our roots and our oneness.

Ketu is the roots that uproot to make us stronger and make us go deeper.

Ketu is the sole reason for the entire chart created at the moment of our birth.

The chart should be viewed as Ketu being the one telling the story from his point of view.

Ketu holds all answers, solutions and mistakes

The ruler of Ketu creates another secondary Ketu and works from that angle like an assistant would.

Rahu, the severed head of the snake is only working for Ketu, the headless body.

What is Ketu? Ketu is a rock at the bottom of the water. We are the rock- the water is the life illusion we swim through searching for the ground where we left ourselves.

Ketu will never change- but will only cast out different heads with similar faces until we get it right and realize who and where God, ourself is.

Ketu creates the mind to seek the source of it’s casting which is the curse as well as the only answer.

Nothing matters or has any real meaning in the chart but Ketu- who is the only one who knows and can tell the story of the chart- because Ketu wrote the chart as a person would write a biography due to Ketu being the body that is storing all that we have ever done or been, and so only Ketu knows the answer: what exactly am I searching for? What is the dilemma? What is the reason and cause for my nightmares and fantasies?

Ketu is the only one who knows- everyone else, meaning the planets, is only the surface acting itself out- Rahu amplifies and defines the deepest intentions of Ketu- and Saturn is the karma lord of this earth realm and so enforces the lesson for your imprisonment or emancipation that is contingent upon the plans of Ketu.

Ketu is the hidden mover and sole knower of dharma.

We are in the material world that has no true basis. All will be dematerialized. This is the truth of realization that surrender, no matter our human attainment, is the final destination of any outward pursuit. You will lose all that is material, including the body that contains the mystery and message of the stars chosen by the axis, namely Ketu, just for you. The kundalini serpent is the magical fire power of the axis that creates all phenomena and illusions as the force of Rahu that we chase with great fascination -and then, Ketu the greater, wiser shaman who then takes them away so that nothing irrelevant, such as material glamour remains. The goddess Niriti, who works behind the guise of Ketu- better known as Kali, is the goddess of dissolution and destruction -and she is the pure and barren cosmic mother who reduces all uselessness into what may seem a cruel loss and bitter grief when viewed from a material basis- yet this is her unknowable compassion and unrelenting mercy. We cannot bandage an infection forever, we must see how we are infecting ourselves with the pains of an ultimately vanishing materialism. This idea of becoming someone, while motivating, is, in the end consumed into loss and emptiness, into the void of her compassion. I’m sorry, but you’ve got to go. There is no attempt at greatness that will not be dissolved into the stainless realm of Ketu, into the sterility of the birthless Shiva, into the profoundly forgetful bodhisattva or into an imperceivable grain of sparkling sand in the galaxy of her unavoidable magnificence.

I don’t have to make sense, I’m blind remember? The heart’s journey is revealed through the Bhagavad Gita and all holy words are clues along the way- clues to how we can let go of the suffering that materialism brings- and don’t forget that the Buddha always said, “I’m sorry guys, don’t take this wrong, but yes, I left them all…even my children too…take it as you will, and until then, let me show you a flower…”

So it’s the plan even if you’re not ready, it’s the simple remedy of the Buddha’s flower- and until then, the axis will keep generating the rules of your game- the line being pulled- and honestly, whatever it’s going to take it will take, and because of this nearness to our being that we may deny, our bodies get effected by this as Rahu and Ketu are embedded in the force of maya as kundalini and as long as you aren’t listening, there will be consequences as a way to be heard, “time, isn’t real, your mind is eclipsed and yet time is running out and time is all you have…”

body body body…no eyes but only me.

The eclipsing of time/space is the liberation of our light being from materialism. The eclipsing of the two that weave and wind is our ascension.
The heavy shadow is also the boundless rainbow light as soon as you flip the lid.

Meditation is surrendering the desiring mind into the peace of non attachment. You can lie all you want about all the love you feel. But love is a phantom that changes depending on the rules of the game. You’re caught in the middle and here’s how you play…brought to you by a blind Rishi who told Ganesha, who revealed Krishna, who sung us back to the idea of what love could actually be. Radhe, Krishna’s beloved, is Venus. Venus loves love, who is Krishna. Venus doesn’t love money, who is the price of death written on green paper. Venus, who is the path, loves God. Bhakti is pure, and I’m telling you now, everything I’ve said is true. Devotion, being the great motivator to enlighten the Sage.

And so it’s a bird calling from high in the sky, a bird far away that we hear but can’t see. I call the bird God because I love her music. You can call the bird anything you’re chasing…
I’d follow the flute if I were you.

Rahu and Ketu enchant and entice. Rahu bewitches and Ketu releases. There is no easy road to union of the snake my friend but I’ve just given you the map for sure.

The rest is up to you soul lover.
Sharada Devi

2 thoughts on “body body body…no eyes but only me”

  1. The flute is always calling, it always has been, there is no escape. The Lord of my Love is eternally whispering in my ear reminding me of blind faith and our inseparable union. It is no fluke that Hanuman flies on the flag of Arjuna’s chariot.
    All the deities eternally present and intertwined in timeless now. The dharma wheel forever turning, transforming from one” vision” of God form into another.
    A flutter and flurry of sound currents made visual are constantly in my periphery. Like microscopic living entities, it has never been any other way. My fore “sight” is a continuous flickering of light-lit images. Lightening like flashing messages, minute particles unseen by those around me. Like miniature star clusters, distracting me or rather guiding me towards that which is more real and truly tactile than anything in this so called “reality” of the world. Images that only make sense when viewing is turned inward.
    Money in an endless bitter curse that brings only pain, misery and entrapment. The lusting after money leads only to wasted priceless moments better spent in ceaseless devotion.
    Receive with full-hearted gratitude the providential treasure map that makes itself visible by intuitive sources placed with compassion and celestial design. The holy schematic revealing sacred numbers and divine methods to sever ego ties and karmic debt. There is a way out if we would only listen to the song of the temple of silence.
    Make me into a magnetic miracle melting into the mystic…

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